LITTLE MOUSE IS ABSOLUTELY, COMPLETELY, TOTALLY FINE! supports personal, social, emotional development and mental health by exploring feelings, emotions, and body language – helping to develop meaningful relationships and promote a sense of independence and resilience.

Released on 15th August 2024, it’s illustrated by Marisa Morea, published by Farshore/HarperCollins and is available to pre-order now. Link below.

Little Mouse
little mouse back cover
Little mouse on bike

Little Mouse is Absolutely, Completely, TOTALLY FINE!

Little Mouse is Absolutely, Completely, Totally Fine! Or is he?

Have fun finding out in this fun-filled and empowering picture book that encourages children to become body language detectives, develop empathy and express their emotions as they meet an irresistible cast of mice with BIG emotions … happy, sad, confused, scared, angry, calm … Look at each mouse and see what body language and expressions you can spot!

Tired mouse. Timid mouse. Ready for the world mouse?

Curious mouse. Furious mouse. Having no success mouse.

Amused mouse. Confused mouse. Such a very jealous mouse.

Children will love the bouncy rhyming text and charming Richard Scarry-esq illustrations, packed with detail! Perfect for neurodiverse and neurotypical children alike.

Great for fans of Tom Percival’s Milo’s Monster and Ruby’s Worry and Michael Waites’ 100 Dogs.

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