Sharon Hopwood...

is an EmpathyLab trained author. She is the co-creator of ‘Stay Safe’ an interactive anti-bullying programme taught in hundreds of schools that supports personal, social, emotional development and mental health by exploring the power of body language.

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The story of

Sharon Hopwood

Sharon grew up in Northern Ireland and Birmingham. Bullied at a young age because of her accent, she escaped into books – and so began a life-long love of reading.

Passionate about fitness and mental well-being, Sharon has co-run a family pro Fight Sports gym since 2002. A personal safety and anti-bullying instructor, Sharon is widely recognised as being the UK’s leading female in this field.

An award-winning 4th Dan martial artist with a strong background in empowering children, Sharon’s experience in coaching and passion for writing led her to pursue a career as a children’s author.

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